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Through his blend of exquisite flavors, Chef Felix Montoya satiates his passion for food. Born and raised in Lima Peru, Chef Montoya migrated to the US in 1982. It wasn’t until 1986, when he had begun pursuing a career in culinary arts at the Sant Ambroeus Restaurant through an apprenticeship. Having awakened by his love for gastronomy, Chef Montoya was fortunate enough to work under some very popular classically trained French and Italian chefs at Corrado Restaurant in New York. In 1995 he got the opportunity to open Radicchio in Ridgewood NJ, where he received much recognition for his work. Chef Montoya has since been featured several times in articles for his succulent recipes and unique menus. By course of time, Radicchio was established in more locations throughout New York. After running the city operations for years, Radicchio group became another victim of the economic downturn. To his delight, some of his old crew were equally excited about the reopening and came back to work with him. You can now visit the Chef at the location where it all started. Come and enjoy a new kind of kitchen, and enjoy the Chef’s most acclaimed recipes. There’s always room at our table.